Bamboo Towels

Bamboo Towels Cover You In Softness As You Dry Off Faster

Bamboo Towels Cover You In Softness As You Dry Off Faster

Today, one of my favorite people discovered for the very first time how incredible Bamboo Towels are.  Now I know, he will never go back to cotton towels as long as he has a say!  Why such certainty?  This is not the first time I’ve seen this reaction or heard the same testimony from others regarding Bamboo towels.

So, Do Bamboo Towels Really Dry You Off?

In a word, YES!  What you notice first when feeling a bamboo towel is how incredibly soft they feel.  In fact, they feel so soft that people are skeptical whether they will really do the job and dry you off. Or, will they just push the moisture on your skin around leaving you barely drier than when you started.  Many people are amazed to learn that bamboo is 3 times more moisture wicking than cotton. 

Imagine, when you lay a Bamboo Towel on your skin, it immediately draws the moisture into the towel and away from your skin.  One of my favorite people, whom I eluded to earlier, loved that the Bamboo towel quickly dried him off. Other towels have taken multiple passes over his arms and legs to accomplish the same thing. Also, the towel was super soft and not rough as cotton towels can be, so he enjoyed a good drying instead of a rough wiping!  Watch the video below to see for yourself the absorption rate of bamboo versus cotton.

Will Bamboo Towels Get A Musty or Sour Odor?

One of my favorite people has discovered how incredibly soft and absorbent Bamboo Towels are, he has yet to discover what so many other bamboo towel lovers already have discovered over time:  they are naturally odor free because they are made from natural bamboo fibers. And, as if that isn’t enough, they are also mildew and bacteria resistant.  For those of us who are the ones responsible for doing the laundry in the family, this means Bamboo Towels can be reused for days with none of the accompanying sour or musty odor we have constantly fought with other types of towels. 

Even the teen who throws the wet towel on the floor and leaves it there is no match for Bamboo Towels. There will be no odor when it is retrieved to be hung to dry.  You may have to remind yourself how long you have been using your towel because it doesn’t greet you with the nasty odors we all have such an aversion to smelling.  While bamboo towels are naturally odor free, we still encourage you to hang them on a towel rack or over the rod or shower door to allow them to dry fully before their next use.

Fresh and Absorptive

As a woman with thick hair, I appreciate that the time spent drying my hair has been reduced because of the super absorptive qualities of Bamboo Towels.  Recently, before giving

away some cotton towels, I threw them into the washing machine and left home to run some errands.  As often happens, I forgot to throw them in the dryer as soon as I returned.  When I finally remembered them, the sour odor greeted me.  How could clean towels smell so awful?  The beauty of bamboo, is that it will not greet you (and your nose) with reminders of past showers. Instead, you will be able to use it repeatedly before needing to get a fresh towel.

Is it time for you to donate your linen closet of cotton towels?  They are the softest, most absorbent towels you have ever purchased. You’ll soon be filling your empty linen closet with Bamboo towels!