Coffee plôs Weight Loss

I’m excited to introduce to you “coffee plôs weight loss.” Yes, that is a play on words, but the truth is with plôs™ THERMO (pronounced pluhs/plus), you can have your morning cup of coffee and begin your weight loss journey at the same time. It is a trademarked and unique solution that is working for us and we know it can work for you as well! Truly, we are already proud of our life-enhancing, life changing, and life fulfilling product lines of brān®, uüth™, and zlēm®; however, now we take it even further with plôs™ THERMO. Getting to our ideal weight is difficult and never happens as fast as we want it. Never fear, we have the Bio-Hacking Genius of plôs™ THERMO to help us with our morning brew.


So let’s begin with plôs™ THERMO. Plôs™ THERMO is our non-dairy coffee companion that helps control cravings, boosts the metabolism, and supports body composition goals You do not need to change your favorite coffee.

Simply “SNAP” this into your favorite coffee as a creamer, and just like that, you are well on your way to enjoying the bio-hacking wonder of fat reduction and more. Get ready to feel the “something extra” from the moment you drink your coffee with dietary supplement we call plôs™ THERMO.

This new bio-hacking wonder joins its family of successful products that have been helping people feel happier, healthier, and more amazing.

  • Better Sleep (zlēm®)
  • Loss of unwanted Pounds and Inches – while sleeping (zlēm®)
  • Better Mindsets and Clarity, Ending Brain Fog and making sharp minds again (brān®)
  • Incredible Hair, Nails and Skin with the #1 Liquid Collagen product (uüth™)
  • Libido and Increased Blood and Circulation (uüth™)
  • And Now with plôs™ THERMO we get to feel great and turn up the fat burning in our bodies.

Simply “SNAP” the contents of plôs™ THERMO directly into your cup of coffee, hot tea, or beverage of choice to take advantage of this incredible “something more”.

Velovita: Nootropic Brain Power….Business Startup

Today may be the day you actually invest in your future by joining the EXCITING start-up (May, 2020): Velovita, Nootropics for the Brain. Nootropic Brain Power is a revolutionary application that improves memory, focus, mood, and energy for those who use it. It is the beginning of an explosive market and I want you to JOIN ME!!

nootropic you desire to bring in a hobby income or better yet, an incredible full-time income. We am building this team NOW, and we want you to join us and reap the benefits of this opportunity. Now, if you are ready to make the leap….go directly down this track and sign up now…. Brain Power – Life Reimagined

Company Snapshot: Velovita, BRAIN POWER Business.

Why Velovita? Because it fits our desire to improve the lives of others. At every stage of their life, everyone wants to improve or maintain their level of health and wellness. We were introduced to Velovita through our association with RRR247, our Blog (Exclusively for You) network support. We recognized this opportunity to join a company, (Velovita), at the very beginning when their product, called brān® , was introduced to the world. The official roll-out was May 5, 2020. We joined as an Ambassador that same year. How we wish we had invested in Starbucks, Facebook, or Apple when they first rolled out!!! We would be set for life now.

Now, we don’t necessarily expect Velovita to be a multi-billion dollar company in just a few years, but it is well on the path to becoming a multi-million dollar company. It is so exciting to be in on the ground level. You can be too, AND, we want you to be on our team!!!!

What does Velovita produce and what will you be marketing?

We are glad you asked! Here is a short video providing an overview of Velovita and this amazing opportunity:

This video was produced in April, 2020. Velovita has already distributed over 2 million Snaps!! NOW, they are marketing not only in the United States, but in Canada, Mexico, Japan, U.K, and the entire European Union. We expect other international companies will be added in the near future. ALL of these markets are open to US and we WILL BENEFIT significantly as original members of this incredible company.  Ready to Join Now, Join Here?  Need more encouragement?

Why is Now The Right Time To Join Velovita:

We all have our reasons for taking a major step toward a brighter future. Isn’t that so? Here are ours and maybe some are yours as well:

  • #1 Products we believe in and can fully endorse. We personally use these products.
  • Founders with proven and vast experience in direct and network marketing.
  • The products, brān®, zlēm®, uüth™, and the NEW (January, 2022) plôs, are ALL-NATURAL, non-GMO, no added sugar, and Keto-friendly.
  • Cutting edge technology, scientifically based, and proven benefits for health and wellness.
  • Sourcing, manufacturing, distribution ALL done by Velovita; quality control we demand.
  • Velovita has NO debt.
  • Perfect timing for us….and YOU; joining at the beginning of its startup and tremendous growth period is key for our financial success.
  • The Velovita products are already in 3 international markets and ready to expand into others.
  • Universal appeal; available for use by nearly all age groups.
  • Company support readily available with training, weekly meetings, and ready-to-use education and marketing tools.
  • Compensation Plan that is great for EVERYONE involved, not just those at the top!!!

My Suggestion for YOU: JOIN NOW, don’t miss this timing opportunity!!

We recommend you start at least at the Apprentice level. The higher the level, the more you will benefit. The Apprentice level will get you your initial 3 boxes of brān®, consisting of the 3 different flavors to start using, and sharing with others. Let US HELP YOU build your business. The sooner we get going, the better we will do in the long run. As we grow, you grow. As you grow, your members who joined with YOU, grow. In addition, we help others increase their income and achieve their personal goals!! It is a WIN-WIN opportunity.

One more point that is amazing to me. This company, unlike most direct and network marketing companies, has a 5-year retirement bonus. THAT is UNHEARD of in this business. Start that 5-year plan now!!!

Now is the Time to Start Your Biohacking/Nootropic Power Business

NOW is the TIME to go after that dream. we am totally dedicated to GROWING my team and would love to have YOU GROW WITH US. So, JOIN HERE NOW, we are waiting for YOU!