Corona Beer Virus

There is a serious health scan from the coronavirus that originated from Wuhan, China. Unfortunately, many people in the world appear to be confusing this virus with Corona beer. Online searches for “beer virus,”, beer coronavirus,” and “corona beer virus” have jumped exponentially since January 18, 2020. Google Trends reports that between January 18 and 26, Google searches for “corona beer virus” have increased 2,300% around the world.

Do not be confused when you see search results that associate the coronavirus with the Corona beer. While the names appear similar, there is no relationship between them.

Corona beer originated in Mexico and the name “Corona” means crown in Spanish. In English, “Corona” refers to human body parts that actually resemble a crown. The corona virus resembles a crown under a microscope because it has crown-like spikes sticking out around it. These cause the virus to attach to and attack healthy cells in the body.

corona beer virus

No Relationship Between Beer And Coronavirus

Fortunately, there is absolutely no relationship between the corona virus and Corona beer. This is not to make light of the seriousness of this illness. Rather, it is to share the truth that people cannot catch this virus by drinking this beer. While drinking too much beer can make one sick, that is a different matter entirely.

corona beer virus

Corona beer is often served with a slice of lime. Fruit and alcohol have long been paired to enhance certain flavors.

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