Favorite Recipes

We all have our favorite recipes that we love to share with family and friends. We gathered many of our favorite recipes to share with you. Perhaps you want a main dish for dinner. Or, a tantalizing recipe for veggies. Even perhaps an incredible recipe for dessert, finishing your meal to perfection. Surely, we all love a tried and true recipe.

Our recipes are ones which stood the test of time. Some are new and excite the palate. We are always adding to the line-up, so be sure to check back often for more of our favorite recipes.

Fruit Pizza

favorite recipes

Summertime…the word evokes such wonderful thoughts – for us, it is Fruit Pizza! For our family, one of the special recipes we enjoy especially during the summer is our Fruit Pizza Recipe. It is easy, delicious, and refreshing!

Homemade Chili Sauce from Grandma Mabel

Ah, those memories of walking into my grandma’s home after she had just canned a batch of her fabulous Homemade Chili Sauce! The smell enveloped me like her hug, and to this day, I feel Grandma’s hug every time I make a batch of her Chili Sauce. Often, I use the chili sauce as the base for my Sloppy Joe, And, it’s also delicious on hot dogs, hamburgers, or added to many recipes to add a sweet zest.

Perfect Popovers from Dayton’s River Room

For years, I searched for a Popover (also know by Brits as Yorkshire Pudding) recipe that would produce Perfect Popovers time and time again. Our family lived in the Twin Cities (Minneapolis/St.Paul) in Minnesota for over a decade and one of my favorite places to have a special lunch during the years I worked in downtown St. Paul was in the River Room at Dayton’s. They were warm, huge, and incredible.