Helium Hot Spot

Welcome to one of the most exciting discoveries to be found – the Helium Hot Spot. And now, you also have found the best way to get involved! This is an innovative solution to earn income. We want to introduce you to some incredible technology. Get ready, you are going to want to take this in!

Begin by getting a Helium Hot Spot for yourself. Order one, get it, and get connected – that is it!! Even better, it’s self explanatory, and comes with simple instructions. If you choose to play a larger role, there are ways you can make this happen.

Connect Devices with your Helium Hot Spot

After you receive your Helium Hot Spot and activate it, you have opened the door to connect millions of “Internet of Things” devices in your city.

Earn Tokens

These Hotspots earn you a new cryptocurrency – Helium. This is not a fly by night situation, but this is set up to continue into the future.

Own the Network

Here is the exciting part – You are part of thousands and thousands of partners all joining together to make this a huge success. Now, you get to literally join a network that belongs to the people – not the telcos (telecommunication companies). We are talking about sharing the $Trillions in income from the telcos around the Globe with the billions of people around the Globe. Additionally, we aren’t talking about building the legacies of a few. But our goal is bringing about the largest wealth redistribution yet known to mankind.

Connect Millions of IoT Devices in your City…

Helium Hot Spot

Bike trackers, smart pet collars, or any compatible Internet of Things (IoT) device connect to Hotspots without Wi-Fi or cellular and send data to the internet.

Start here with your own Helium Hot Spot. Get 1, 2, 3, 10, or as many as you want of the Helium Hot Spots. Feel free to start with just 1 to see how it goes. Then connect with our incredible support team with the Performance Giving Network and see how we can help you deploy these anywhere in the World. See how you can be an even larger part of what we are doing in your Community as well as Communities around the entire Globe. Our hope is to share this information with as many participants as possible.

You want more info? The Performance Giving Network unfolds how we will bring this transformation about. Discover how we are going to be introducing this incredible method of wealth redistribution and access to technology to the World.

See some of the other components of his Wealth Re-Distribution process with our Paid to Chat program, our Paid to Game program, and when you are ready for more, our Paid to Watch TV program, Free TV, premium television. Keep watch as the innovation continues and more opportunities evolve. Our hope is to reach and change the entire world with our plan for wealth redistribution.