Hope With Confidence: A New Year – A New Word

The year 2020 is here.  We are just a few weeks into the new year and I have been pondering the importance of a new year, not to mention a new decade.  A new year comes every 365 days, but a new decade, now that’s a big deal!  Do you have hope with confidence for this new year?

Hope with Confidence

Broken Resolutions

The idea of a New Year’s resolution is becoming obsolete, mainly because the majority of people found that the resolution they made was often broken within the first month, weeks, days, or even hours of the new year. Some of us just brush it off as old history…it’s actually the expectation of what will occur, and the question is not if, but when, we will break our resolution.  However, for others, it is devastating…another failure to be heaped upon the failures from previous years. 

Renewing Words

A new idea has replaced the oft-doomed New Year’s resolution.  As we begin a new year, and a new decade, we are encouraged to choose a “word” for the year (or decade, if you so desire!)  It didn’t take me long to jump on idea of the “word” wagon…I can’t break a word; a well-chosen word should not cause me to feel like a failure only a few weeks into the new year.  What I discovered is that I felt a great responsibility choosing a word that would define my next year!


It is now 3 weeks into the new year, and I have finally carefully chosen my word.  My word is HOPE.  The definition of “Hope” according to Merriam-Webster is “to cherish a desire with anticipation: to want something to happen or be true.”  That, however, is not the “Hope” I have chosen to base my year/my next decade on.  I want to have a hope with confidence, where I can trust in the future. According to John Piper, a well-known pastor, hope is used in three senses:

  1. A desire for something good in the future,
  2. the thing in the future that we desire, and
  3. the basis or reason for thinking that our desire may indeed be fulfilled.

Typically, when we use the word hope, we express uncertainty rather than certainty. 

  • I hope you have a good day.
  • We hope Grandpa will feel better soon.
  • The pilot hopes he will not have to navigate through the storm.

Hope with Confidence!

My hope is not just a desire for something good in the future, but my hope is a hope based on the promises in the Bible; my hope is a confident expectation and desire for something good in the future.  I have hope with confidence! To further quote John Piper, “biblical hope not only desires something good for the future – it expects it to happen.  And it not only expects it to happen – it is confident that it will happen.  There is a moral certainty that the good we expect and desire will be done.” 

You may wonder why I am sharing that HOPE is my word for this coming year and an umbrella word for the next decade.  I want you to know what drives me as I move forward, because regardless of what happens each day, my hope is firmly found in Jesus Christ and the promises found in the Bible.  In a world seemingly devoid of all hope, that is a hope I can live with!