More Than Muse – Rose

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more than muse

Blonde (Rosé)

Rosé may be the oldest known type of wine. Historically, a rosé (from French, rosé) is a type of wine that incorporates some of the color from the grape skins, but not enough to qualify it as a red wine. The pink color ranges from a pale “onion-skin” orange to a vivid near-purple, depending on the grape varieties used and winemaking techniques.

Pairing Suggestions

More Than Muse Rose pairs beautifully with several meals, snacks, and foods. Try it together with these suggestions:

  • Chicken or Niçoise salad
  • Salmon
  • Feta
  • Spinach, Mint, and Quinoa Tartelettes
  • Duck
  • Lamb Served Pink
  • Veggie Skewers on the Barbeque
  • Charcuterie
  • Soft Cheeses

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More Than Muse Wine

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