OMINEX the Blockchain Wallet and Compliant Token Solution

Ominex has the best overall solution for consumers who want to create an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) for a new digital token.  This is the most progressive service you will find.  Discover information here on blockchain to help you understand the ever changing global financial world.  We have details explaining why consumers should use Ominex (for your new token offering) and the Ominex Wallet.

This is a company to watch, as well as their solution for Blockchain innovations to be shared in public offerings.  Users with ICOs need to go through the compliance checks offered via Ominex.  They have a complete Digital Wallet solution to manage your cryptocurrency securely.

This is Online Monetary INternet EXchange or OMINEX

ominexSeveral Crypto Wallets exist.  However, none compare to OMINEX.  See some Key Points you can learn and understand.  (Set up your own OMINEX Wallet HERE):

  • Use It Anywhere:  The Ominex Token Wallet works on mobile phones, tablets, laptops, desktops, and the web.  Global access.
  • Safe Private Keys: Since they cannot view your “private keys,” they cannot control your tokens or funds.
  • Safe Private Keys: We don’t store “private keys”, so we don’t control investor funds or tokens at anytime.  This keeps customers as safe as possible.
  • Know Your Customer (KYC) Protocols:  Their patent-pending KYC systems ensures each customer (investor) must provide valid profile information to use their system or to purchase tokens.
  • Recognizes All Tokens:  They support Bitcoin as well as all Ethereum ERC20 compatible tokens.  They continuously add support for new currencies – with the count over 2000 so far.
  • Payment Methods:  You can pay in your favorite currency.  Use their built in exchanges to pay in Dollars, Ethereum, Bitcoin, or many other currencies.  You can transfer money or cryptocurrency to others via email – anytime and anywhere you choose.
  • Use For Your Business:  Include OMINEX Wallet to your existing sales page and website to collect cryptocurrencies and tokens.

ominexHere is why you should use Ominex for your token offering?

  • Eliminate Legal Problems:  Ominex handles compliance for you and keeps records as a trusted third party.
  • Increase Revenue:  Ominex is easy to learn and use.  Plus, due to the compliance, investors trust you too.
  • Save Time:  You do not have to build your own solution.  Ominex has proven solutions you will need to start using it right away.

Ready for Regulation

Elicit limitless funds from certified investors with Simple Agreements for Future Tokens (SAFTs) and offerings with their FINRA and SEC compliant Reg. D 506(c) solutions.  We are taking reservations for these Reg CV and Reg A+ solutions now.  We are building the “Open Compliance Project” in support of international regulations.  Local country regulations apply to investors, and Ominex adjusts to support these regularly.

Easy Investing Process

Ominex simplifies token purchases for investors.  They offer an easy to understand app instead of multi-page tutorials so investors can purchase cryptocurrencies.  The compliance is built into their app.  It is easy to understand and use.  For those using cryptocurrencies on their own websites, Ominex has a widget to enable this as well.


The Company supports Ethereum, Bitcoin, and all ERC20 compatible tokens that are used in ICOs.  Additional support for new platforms will be included as it grows.  When you have existing tokens or looking for new tokens, use Ominex.  This will make things easier for your token holders.

Are you ready to list your token?  List it here.

Currencies and Apps

Ominex is a simple to use compliant wallet.  It is an easy to use consumer interface for decentralized apps.  They do more than managing and purchasing cryptocurrencies.  There are plans to include other carefully vetted services based on blockchain, like insurance, banking, and loans.

ominexOminex has what you need for a compliant token offering.

When you go to Ominex and register as a user, you will start seeing all of the incredible benefits this planform offers.  You will see how they are leading the way for cryptocurrency to be used in Consumer Digital Wallets and ICO Compliant Solutions.

This Company is backed through crowd funding and years of Compliance in the ICO space.  They are experts in the blockchain and all that it offers.  This is a new financial frontier.  Stay informed of this incredibly powerful solution.