TV – The Future of TV is Here Now

TV in 2020 and beyond Now you can be a part of a global movement of FREE TV! Yes, you heard that right. No more expensive cable or satellite providers. YOU can have FREE TV and, even better, get paid for watching TV.

Our Free TV is the beginning of something truly special. Be sure to get set up with us ASAP. As a result, you will see a rewards point system called the Tipping Circle. Next, all you do is download and activate this to receive YOUR Free TV. This is where “COOL” things start to happen. You will gain access to Free TV Broadcasts, and even receiving Reward Points for watching TV.


It all starts with FREE TV and things gets better and better from there. Once you connect, we get you everything you need to know and see. In fact, our desire is to help all around the Globe with this program.

Let’s get started! Here are the steps to get you going with Free TV and more :

  1. Go here and SIGN UP for TippingCircle. Hence, this will connect you to “The Performance Giving Network”.
  2. Then be sure to use the links from the TippingCircle admin area to connect your smartphone. Android or iOS.
  3. After, make sure you Register to the E-Newsletter (to the right of this page) and upon getting the first email, would you kindly reply back ASAP to let us know you joined “The TippingCircle“. This also gets you into the communication of what is happening here.
  4. We will then TIP you in order to thank you for your FREE enrollment – as well as get you more details on how we are changing the World. We are ready to help end poverty around the world.
  5. Join us. Do as little or as much as you desire. You will be able to follow the simple directions and see where you want to take part in this movement.

Amazingly, This is Just the Beginning!

Truly, it is our hope that this is just the beginning. You see, we are part of “The Performance Giving Network”, backed by an “awakening” that realizes there is a better way to share the World. It is our belief that no one goes hungry, or struggles without necessities. To that end, we have the most amazing resources to date. It begins with Premium Television Programming, the Internet, and Education. We desire to share knowledge and training with the goal to teach everyone we can “How to Fish” and truly how to create wealth. Don’t we all deserve to live wonderfully? Surely, it is time.

Get started:  Save money, have the best in Television Programming (Premium Channels), and help us change the World.