Best Tailgating Game

Welcome to the best tailgating game ever. It is something any and all sports fans will want to have. Additionally, this game is not only the perfect way to share time together, but it’s incredibly FUN. Originally created for tailgating fun, in reality it is a perfect all around game and way to enjoy sports with all ages.

Best Tailgating Game…EVER

This is a must-have for tailgating. Why, you can use it while you are at your son’s or daughter’s little league game. Or perhaps, while you wait or during half-time. Looking for something to do after you watch your Green Bay Packers destroy the Bears? You bet! Come on, get the guys out back and get a game going.

Interestingly, this is the only tailgating football game that is on the market. That makes it a truly MUST HAVE for all. While it allows for skill, as well as speed and accuracy, yet, it also allows for all ages and skill levels to enjoy. Check it out for yourself!

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Get Your Set Here.

Seriously, this is the perfect gift! Just think of family and friends you know who are sports enthusiast. This is an incredible game for them. Additionally, the chairs are actual, usable chairs. Who doesn’t love items that are dual purpose?! So, keep your eyes peeled for this game as you look around at parks and tailgating events. Or better yet, be the first one in your circle of friends to introduce others to the pure fun this game brings.

Just think, you can bring it to the beach, the park, schools, backyards and get togethers at churches! This is the Game we have been waiting to bring us all together again. Share it with church groups, school groups, P.E. Class (presently, this game is in approximately 500 schools for PhyEd classes to use as a relay of sorts.), and neighborhood play time. In fact, this is a game that will keep kids of all ages focused on the fun.

What Comes With The Kit?

Each kit comes with a football (smaller than regulation which works better for this game), two chairs (275-lb. weight limit), kicking tee, 2 goal posts, ball pump, and carrying bag. The scoring is easy and the rules come with each kit.

From backyards to the fieldhouse, this is an incredible and well-built way to enjoy the fun. (There is a 30-day warranty, but if issues arise, contact the company and they will be happy to work with you!) It is the absolute best tailgating game on the Planet. We found it, and we are here sharing it with you now.  GET IT ALREADY!

Please keep in mind with the holidays quickly approaching, the kits are shipped via UPS Ground for FREE from New Jersey. Expedited shipping is also available. Orders ship the same day if the order is placed by noon ET, otherwise, it will ship next business day.

This incredible, unique, and best tailgating game ever was brought to you by Mike and Frank Silva. We refer to them as the Silva Brothers. Because we were connected by a fellow football-loving fan; we have been in touch constantly. Furthermore, we have been enjoying their great sense of humor and their passion for getting all of us to play and enjoy this awesome twist on Football. This game is super fun; we cannot thank them enough, and the entertainment value is by far one of the best. Best of all, these are well-built, giving you years of entertainment.

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