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Have you started investing in cryptocurrency yet? Welcome to STAKEBASE! Have you heard how cryptocurrency is affecting the future financial world? Learn how you can be part of the future starting now. Are you wondering what we are talking about here? This is providing an avenue to Proof of Stake (PoS) Coins. Bitcoin Green (BTG) is a “Green” version of what we call Bitcoin, and you get access to it here. Crypto is here to stay and has become our pathway to the future currency. Proof of Stake is faster in transit, much more efficient, better for the environment, and better for everything related to Cryptocurrency costs.

Use STAKEBASE (Crypto-Exchange) as part of your Cryptocurrency Portfolio, Financial Game Plan, and Future!


This is your new GOLDEN NUGGET of information if you are just learning about Cryptocurrency. The only Cryptocurrency Wallet and Exchange we recommend for staking and managing Crypto is BITGEX. STAKEBASE only allows coins that have been vetted by Crypto Experts onto their exchange platform. In addition, only these vetted coins are allowed to be staked. This is important because it is the first and the best location for Proof of Stake coins.

Enrolling for FREE. (Go HERE to get started.) See how easy using STAKEBASE is. It is fun to watch Proof of Stake work!

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The era of cryptocurrency has arrived. There are so many ways for you to make money. Staking is one of the simplest ways in cryptocurrency to make money. You may ask, what is staking? I have not heard of that before now. In simple terms, staking means keeping (or holding) cryptocurrency in your digital wallet for a defined time period, and then earning interest on your balance. How much interest or reward you can earn from staking varies based on the amount of time the cryptocurrency is held. Generally, the longer your stake duration, the greater the returns you will earn.

Proof-of-stake (PoS) mining made easy.  You use your coins to secure the network and earn block rewards.

Fully-automated and web-based There is no need for technical knowledge or downloads required.

STAKEBASE is powered by Bitcoin Green. So, what is Bitcoin Green? It is an energy-efficient and sustainable cryptocurrency. Sustainability is important because we should always care about our Carbon Footprint.

Significantly lower trading and withdraw fees:  No one likes to pay more than they should. We firmly believe that now is the time to end high fees for users in Crypto. (Consider, BITGEX is disrupting the disruptors!) It is crazy to see that fees can and have gone from acceptable to crazy. This is about making things better, we must disrupt the waste.

No lockups and instant withdraws. You are your own Bank. You must stand and say no to controls on YOUR money.

Detailed analytics dashboard.  Enjoy getting to watch your balances grow in real time. Also, you will receive notifications. Realize this, it is all about the power of having knowledge and access to real time data.

What are advantages of staking cryptocurrency (Coin)?

We have all invested in the hefty costs and operation of “Mining” Equipment prior to the understanding and deployment of Proof of Stake. A major advantage of staking is that there is no longer the necessity to invest in mining hardware. We all know, the best way is to discard the waste and do things correctly.

So, things become much easier since there is no mining equipment to buy, house, and pay for its power. All you have to do is purchase the coins and hold them in your wallet. After that, watch in wonder as your wallet balance increases. Really, it is an easy way to make money.

Yet another advantage of staking is it gives you an assured and anticipated source of income. It is because the value of coin grows in predictable figures. It is much like placing money in a fixed account. Here’s the best news, because your STAKED COIN is always there, you are guaranteed to get your money back.

More Info About STAKEBASE

STAKEBASE helps standardize the staking process, with the goal to make it very direct for non-technical users to start. Generally, setting up your own staking includes an understanding of Linux, cloud server hosting, and other technical subjects. No worries, we do the hard work, not you!

We believe it should not be cost prohibitive to stake. Using our referral program, the platform can be free for life, if you have 5 people sign up. (Collecting 20% of 5 peoples’ fees means you pay 0 fees, assuming those 5 people stake and trade as much on average as you do. Simply sign up and open your user dashboard to find more info on our referral program.) As you spread the word, you help grow the future, because together we can do far more than apart.

Additional Information and Pros to the STAKEBASE Platform

STAKEBASE is the first cryptocurrency exchange that allows users to automatically earn proof-of-stake along with masternode rewards on their deposited coins. Remember, no technical proficiency is necessary, which is spearheading the future of Crypto. Masternodes allow the Coin to maintain and function. Now, all of this is handled through the structure with STAKEBASE.  Because this is more of a solution-based Community, the need for pricey overheads to be part of the Crypto Community are behind us. Let us introduce you to the best way – STAKEBASE!