Canada now gets Wine Delivered to their Door!

What is becoming the World’s Largest Wine of the Month Club is now available to our friends in Canada!  We are a wine of the month club that is already growing at record paces and have something very special to share with wine lovers. This is an offer that is spreading around the world. Come join in the experience as a VIP Customer or look at the shared opportunity as a Representative.

RIGHT NOW – We are in an immediate pre-launch. We are building a leadership team to grow our Wine of the Month Business to incredible heights.

Get Positioned right Here! JUST $25 (CAD)!

UK wine of the month club

We are looking for Wine Lovers who want to:

  • Learn about Fine Wines
  • Have wines hand picked by Sommeliers
  • Get exclusive access to wines at super low Member Pricing (2 – 3 times less than retail pricing)
  • Immediately access our Refer 3 and it’s Free (free wine for life) Program
  • Have the ability for Amazing Fine Wines to be delivered to your door each month

This means that we are looking for representatives to join the club, enjoy great wine, and meet great people. Join the Canada Wine of the Month Club Today!


Be sure to select Canada in the Top Left Corner under “My Country” to see the opportunity in your Currency.

Follow the 3 steps below to get set up as a Customer or to Join our Team and enjoy the benefits of the Wine of the Month Club.

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Go here and pre-enroll.

We will be building with you from the moment you claim your spot. You can secure your spot during the pre-enrollee phase of this amazing program with a $25 (CAD) Launch Event Ticket.
We will be launching in an incredible and “Classy” fashion with Wine Tastings, Socializing – and Business Training to help you gain from this truly incredible opportunity.
Once enroll, you will see the incredible value as you experience truly fine wines each and every month. There are opportunities to connect with others who are also on the team where you will see just how much fun we have and how much we love our wine.

Next you select the level of customer where you want to start.

You can start as either an Elite Member, Reserve Member, or GrandCru Member. There are opportunities for you to get your wine for free each month and even earn a significant income as a brand partner. This is an independent representative of the Wine of the Month Club.

Then sign up to get 4 bottles every month in Canada.

You are going to be learning, enjoying, and experiencing wine from around the world one sip at a time. There is nothing like this, and you are about to access some of the best Marketing and Business training in the Industry.

Wine Ambassadors will get a personal Enrollment Link and access to your Back Office. You will be able to share this direct link for your own “Wine of the Month” business with your family, friends, and colleagues. This is a proven business model for our representatives that comes with exceptional training and support.

Build up teams immediately, so we can all be ready to grow and receive the financial benefits from when we launch with Wine Deliveries in the coming weeks! This is already something that is creating full time and part time incomes around the Globe.

Now is the time to get personal training and access to marketing tools so you can build the level of business you want using our proven marketing systems, tools, and support.

We will work with you to build the income and possibilities for living in Canada.

For Customers: We will reach out, and support you. Should you wish to refer others, we will help you do that. Would you like free wine? We have been helping hundreds of customers to get their wine each month for FREE!

For Ambassadors: We will be focusing on growing our family: both brand partners who want to join our family of representatives and our customers. We have incredible and proven training and marketing systems ready to be shared with you. Once your application is received, we will be contacting you immediately with information to get you started.

The income potential here is incredible.

Once we begin shipping wine: We will then be able to enroll Wine of the Month Club Members for 3 or 6 Bottle Subscriptions.

Incredible and Global Growth and Possibilities Await.

  • We are in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, and now Canada! We are expanding into Italy in the 4th Quarter of 2019.
  • All Reps with us have the ability to market in all Countries we are expanding.
  • We have available to you world class marketing and systems, sales tools, as well as customer acquisition and business building training.
  • You will be contacted with these upon your Enrollment.

Get ready for an incredible opportunity in Canada. Pre-Enroll Here!

We have new LIVE “Wine & Dine Events” each and every Wednesday at 5:30pm (PST) / 6:30pm (MST) / 7:30pm (CST) / 8:30pm (EST) / 9:30pm (AST) on our “Zoom Meeting Room” / or

See an exciting example and access our incredible and fun Library of these Wine and Dine Events: