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Photography Tricks for Your Phone Camera: Learn from a renegade photographer some amazingly simple photography tricks. Transform your smartphone into a high quality DSLR camera. Amaze your friends with your new jaw-dropping photographs. Go HERE to learn how.

Capturing a moment with your phone camera is freezing a memory forever that can be shared forever. Now you can take your imagination to a new level. Be a creative as possible and show the world your vision of spectacular.

Make someone special to you look spectacular with your new photography tricks. Get ready to be awed yourself as you create jaw-dropping images. Have fun and delight your friends!

Wine Magic:  There is a lot to the Magic that happens with the right element.  That element is Fine Wine.  See and Read all about it in our informative article on Fine Wines.  Wine Magic is another name I use for Fine Wine. Start the Wine Magic in your Life Here.

When you consider the numerous ways to enjoy wine, not just any wine, but truly Fine Wine, and then add this to certain activities, Wine Magic happens. The magic of wine removes stress, relaxes, and calms you.

Start relaxing by drawing a hot bubble bath; then add a fine glass of wine. Then, discover the wine magic as you watch the sunset from your jacuzzi, or watching the moon and the starts, or even in broad daylight.

Or, choose a really Fine Wine.  Next, find the perfect foods for pairing with it and you have turned your meal into an event worth remembering. Have you paired Fine Wine with cheeses, chocolate, fruit, or a favorite dish? Discover how the flavor of the wine is enhanced with each sip and taste.

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