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Free Online TV! NO CONTRACTS OR MONTHLY BILLS WITH BLEND TV.  Unplug yourself from cable, satellite dishes, and nasty contracts. This MUST HAVE app runs on your Smartphone, Tablet, Computer, or TV Media Streaming Player (e.g. Roku, Amazon Fire Stick). This free download is amazing and you will be watching free TV programs without signing a contract or paying monthly TV bills that seem to increase frequently. FREEDOM!!!

We are now in an era where you can watch TV anywhere you go. As you ride public transportation, you can make the experience more enjoyable by watching a favorite TV show. Perhaps you are waiting for your child to finish their after school activities, private lessons, or sports practices; now you can catch up on the latest news, sports, or most any other TV programming you desire. This is FREE and completely interactive. Wherever you have access to the internet, you can also have TV with the added controls to pause, fast forward, and rewind.

Here is how it starts:


Start Here: Begin with the Reward Point System that is managed and claimed through
 TIPPING CIRCLE. Next you will be ready to activate your free TV. Start watching your Free online TV. It continues to get even better. You will start receiving reward points while you watch your free online TV!

START HERE AND GET YOUR TIPPING CIRCLE ACCOUNT: This is the first step and will get you connected to the PERFORMANCE GIVING NETWORK. Then you will have everything needed to activate your Free Online TV!

Next be sure to use the Tipping Circle links in the admin area to connect your Android or iPhone device. You will be able to watch live TV on your phone!

Then you will want to register for your free newsletter on the right side of this page where we keep you current with the Performance Giving Network happenings. This is an exciting time!

This provides entertainment, news, and education in a nearly unlimited resource through the online television programming platform. Your Free online TV has another benefit of working together with the United Nations to help END WORLD POVERTY! Yes, you can become a paid agent of this program and earn income. You can show others how to lower their monthly TV costs!


Do you like to control or viewing experiences when watching TV? With Free online TV you will be able to record, rewind, fast forward, and pause your programs.

Free Online TV is just the beginning of what will be available with TIPPING CIRCLE and the PERFORMANCE GIVING NETWORK. A huge benefit for this opportunity is working with people around the globe to help end poverty and hunger. This program is combining education and resources world wide to teach people to provide for their basic necessities and to improve their quality of living. We begin this with connection and communication. It begins through education and TV on the internet. Let us get you started with this wonderful program and help you take the first step now by opening your own Tipping Circle Account Here.


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After activating your TIPPING CIRCLE account, go to Apple iTunes or Google Play to download this app. Search for the free Blend TV app and get your free online TV! You can find these apps in the following links: