Women’s Sport Apparel

We have found the Women’s Sport Apparel that could turn the women’s activewear industry inside out. Truly, this is what all Women’s Sport Apparel and activewear should aspire to. And, it comes in colors and logos of your favorite teams -both professional and collegiate.

We love to support and share with others when a creative person sees a problem, and then solves it. Then it’s up to us to share it far and wide so others can benefit from as well. In fact, when you look at the sports clothing empire, it is not very women-centric. However, with the creativity of those who recognize the need, it is becoming more so. We are ecstatis with what we found at this site!  See it for yourself here.

The story of the creation of this incredible Women’s Sport Apparel

Womens Sport Apparel

The creator of this incredible apparel started out as a dancer, and then turned into an activewear designer. As an NBA dancer, she was embarrassed to wear the outfits given to her as a pro. She found that nothing matched their level of athleticism or honored their feminine spirit as female sports fans. Because she had experienced it personally, and as a pro, she believed she could do better.

In response, this incredible line of Women’s Sport Apparel was born out of the idea that women deserve better sporty apparel; activewear that is comfortable, yet sexy, and designed for the female body. Everyday as she wears her self-inspired Leggings, she expresses her firm belief that women can be feminine, and yet express strength and confidence in who they are.

She only designs activewear that celebrates, never objectifies, the beauty of the female body. And, with 25 years of classical ballet training; she has gained a deep understanding of how the female body moves. That understanding has been poured into every detail from the fabric and fit, to the feel.

Believe us, this particular Women’s Sport Apparel is going to take Sports-loving Women by storm. It is already happening. Check it out, and find an incredible product that so many women are flocking to enjoy!