Decentralized Travel for Ultimate Savings

decentralized travel

Are you ready to try decentralized travel?  XCELTRIP is disrupting the travel industry with this great innovation.  Use blockchain technologies for your next trip.  Cut out the extra costs added by middlemen as well as other costs the travel industry adds.  XCELTRIP is a new company that works to change the way everyone travels.  They offer travel for a lower cost that traditional travel services.  Because of the innovation and vision of XCELTRIP, they have become the leading expert in Blockchain Travel Solutions.  We watch the travel evolution, or rather the travelution, as it shakes up the entire travel industry.  Blockchain is here to stay and we can watch both Consumers and Vendors win in a big way in this amazing Travel Revolution!

The World of Travel Has 3 Steps of Evolution.

decentralized travel

XCELTRIP is a Travel Platform that is powered by a Next-Gen Blockchain and is built to disrupt the trillion-dollar travel industry.  The future of travel is coming.  It is called decentralized travel.  There are huge benefits for you to enjoy.  XCELTRIP is removing the layers of travel industry to provide better pricing to you, the customer.  Gone are the layers of administration and other middlemen.  Now, the customers and suppliers can connect more easily.  This means more profit for sellers and more benefits with better pricing for consumers.


Travel Before the Internet:

Do you remember when booking travel required going through a travel agent?  It took much more time, was more frustrating, and was much more expensive.  The additional costs from the travel company’s administration increased the final ticket price.  Many forgot these past travel experiences.  Many others were born after the age of large travel agencies.  Then the age of the internet started.

xceltripTravel in the Age of the Internet:

The 1990’s brought more online travel companies.  Many companies entered into the online travel and online travel solutions:  Cheap Flights, Expedia, Priceline, and many more.  This created multiple databases and put an end to many of the administration fees.  These connected databases link together via many websites and make all of the travel resources available directly to the public online.

Even though this step was a huge leap forward from Step 1, there were still layers of middlemen, brokers, and administration costs.  No doubt, you remember some of these issues:

  • Many databases were centralized, creating technical issues, errors, and even corruption.  These affected consumers with a multitude of issues, delays, and over-bookings.
  • Lower profits for vendors due to ongoing middlemen costs.  There were costs for the actual databases, data security, and numerous processes and procedures.
  • Additional costs passed to the vendor and the consumer due to many deficiencies..

xceltripxceltripThe Future of Travel with XCELTRIP Using the Vision and Understanding of Blockchain.  The Future is Decentralized Travel

Step 3 eliminates the added fees, brokers, and dealers.  This provides a better experience for consumers planning their own travel.  Experience the improved travel yourself!  Discover the travel improvements with XCELTRIP:

  • Blockchain eliminates the human errors.
  • View detailed, accurate information about all available travel resources, their availability, and much more.
  • Put an end to the obsolete databases, as well as the extra layers of administration and staff.  Discover how XCELTRIP uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to evaluate trends as well as travel needs.  Consumers can use this information to anticipate best options and the best rates due to Blockchain.
  • Discover the enormous savings for properties, airlines, car rentals, destinations, etc. for both the Consumer and the Vendor.
  • See how these improved efficiencies enhance the travel experience for all parties.  Lower, more affordable travel for consumers and more profits for vendors.

Technology helps everyone win using technology to expose limitless travel solutions.   XCELTRIP truly enhances the travel industry.

Xceltrip is more than a full service Online Travel platform.  It is a “Decentralized Travel Eco-system”:


XCELTRIP becomes your complete travel provider when you rent a vehicle, reserve a hotel, or plan air travel.  They continuously look for creative and ingenious ideas to fulfill your every travel need, while doing it at the lowest cost to you.

Decentralizing travel services is their vision.  They empower travel vendors like hotels to partner with consumers to provide the lowest travel costs by passing on the savings normally paid to middlemen.

Their commitment is to make the travel experience cost efficient, fun, personalized, secure, and truly seamless.  Because they use Blockchain in the most challenging and sensitive areas, they have the most secure technology available to protect your personal information.  Plus, they have their own mobile app to enhance the services for travelers that far exceeds what is available from competitors.


  • Flight Booking
  • Hotel Booking
  • Social Travel Experiences
  • Experiential Holiday Packages


  • More than one million rooms available to select at the most desirable properties, all at the best rates
  • World-class service
  • Hundreds of flight options with thousands of potential destinations
  • Online XCELTRIP manager provides help customizing your next trip
  • Mobile app to book air travel, hotel rooms, and so much more


  • Get the best prices for travelers.
  • Get the lowest booking fees for vendors.
  • We use Blockchain Cryptic Ledger for our system.  This is the most trusted data security technology.
  • XCELTRIP business is a distributed economic model.  Consumers and vendors share the savings.
  • See how our IMP program helps you earn rewards every time you travel.

Vendors:  Do you have a Bed and Breakfast, Motel, Hotel, Airline, Rental Company (Car, Boat, RV), Restaurant, Bar, etc.?  These travel related resources can benefit from XCELTRIP as well.  GO HERE to become an XCELTRIP VENDOR.  Discover the benefit from the future of Decentralized Travel and the future of Blockchain.

Are you looking to benefit from the future of Blockchain?  JOIN US by helping to get new Vendors added, plus earn huge rewards when you do.


Come join us in this Incredible Travelutionary (Travel-revolutionary) journey and become our “Independent Marketing Partner (IMP)” or Vendor Partner (Hotel Properties, B&Bs, Restaurants, Pub & Bars, transportation and events).  You will find this a mutually beneficial relationship.  When you become our partner, you will have access to our world-class “XcelTrip Marketing System”.  It is developed specifically to grow your business with an ultimate goal of improving your bottom line.

In addition, XcelTrip is committed to spend 2% of its net income to the global charitable cause through XcelTrip Foundation.

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